The dangers of procrastination as an urban planning student

I think most graduate students have fine tuned their procrastination skills over the years. I certainly have; however, I think that I can justify my procrastination much more easily than others. I blame Jane Jacobs: the pancho-yielding, glasses-wearing, mother of incremental planning and the sidewalk ballet; a defender of density and mix-use; a woman that stood up to Robert Moses and his freeways.

She championed walking and observation, and as an urban planner, our field site is often right at our toes…on the sidewalks we step out onto every day (especially in a city like Groningen). So I hope my supervisor understands when I don’t have my proposal complete this week. You see, I’ve been doing field work.

Anyway, the 1st Sunday of the month is an active one…here are some photos of me procrastinating researching. Here is the market with what I thought was a temporary public library, but was really just one creative book vender.

Groningen, The Netherlands, non-public library

Groningen non-public library street vendor

Groningen, The netherlands public market

Behind the stacks…I thought someone should have set up a temporary coffee shop here.

Public Market Vismarket Groningen


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