Sunburned in Amsterdam: the cost of freedom

Introducing: my new bike.

As much as Amsterdam is a bike-friendly place, it is not so much a place for pedestrians…at least not for one that is living a bit outside of the city (think high-density suburbs). After a week or so of walking and fairly expensive transit I made it my mission to get a bike.

The recommended place uses as many recycled parts as possible, and the piece was still around 100 Euros. Considering bike theft here is as commonplace as it is in Tempe, I got two locks.

Amsterdam is not quite what you would call a grid. Phoenix and the Heights have spoiled me. Nearly two hours after I left the shop I arrived home (hence the sunburn in Amsterdam). But the freedom that comes with having a bike is priceless. It is substantially easier to get around the city (once you get your bearings) and essentially, bikes can get you there as fast or faster than a car, tram, or subway. A post later on how great the bike infrastructure is here…and how absolutely no one wears helmets.

Bike with pink chain around the seat post. Dani’s is in back.


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